A pond with cattail reeds and mountains, sketched in a single pencil line, with an electrical diagram sun reflecting in the water - small red arrows form rays pointing in at the sun

Why do people say friends are forever?

Live music and Denver lore weave together in this new hybrid performance. As a Teacup Gorilla album-release concert is overtaken by Denver mythology, the bandmates are forced to contend with friendship, loss, identity, memory, and a cursed pool that “makes men soft.”

What does that mean? Could it be the hot springs in Ouray, or the waterfall at Casa Bonita? And why is there a kiddie pool on stage?

This is a love letter to our city. To friendships that last… and friendships that don’t. A queer and heartfelt reflection on friendship and change -- in a city that's not all the way west, but not quite midwest.

Album release & special guests

The show is also an album release for the new Teacup Gorilla EP, with all four songs from the album, and some brand new material. We're also featuring special guest artists before every show!

Press for the show

As the boundaries between reality and fiction blur in this hybrid performance, Whiskey From Strangers invites the audience to navigate the complex interplay between memories and myths.

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The previous Grapefruit Lab shows have all been brilliant and poignant commentaries on American culture and how we all find ourselves navigating life with that legacy but through a queer lens that resonates beyond the specificity of identity.

Tom Murphy » Queen City Sounds & Art

“Whiskey from Strangers” definitely rhymes with the devised theatre that Buntport makes, primarily through the smart, funny and surprising ways it puts the play in “play.” It takes you places you’ve never been before with a kind of invisible wink, and you may find yourself laughing all the way there.

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