Miriam reaching dramatically across herself, a ladder in the background

We're committed to creating and maintaining an accessible, inclusive environment, both in our work and on our website. We also recognize that means different things to different people, along a wide range of access needs.

Our Shows

Content: Our work often deals with complexities of living – including identity, sexuality, violence, trauma, and oppression. That may include topics that are raw or triggering for some people. It can be very difficult to document specific 'triggers' in a way that accounts for both the complexities of life and the complexities of art, but we are always happy to answer any questions you have around more specific concerns. We will also strive to make scripts available in advance when possible.

Ages: Unless otherwise noted, our work is available to people of all ages. However, there may often be strong language, complex themes, or other sensory/attention-span considerations. While we can't tell you what is or is not 'appropriate' for different ages, we're again happy to answer any questions you have in advance.

Seating: Wheelchair accessible seating with adjoining companion seats will be available at all performances, unless otherwise noted. Since we do not have a space of our own, the location of these seats are dependent on the host venue.

COVID: For the safety of everyone involved, we're currently requiring masks during all performances. Masks will also be provided at the door. We'll make sure to stay in touch if the situation changes, but we will never remove a precaution that was in place when tickets went on sale.

Ticket Prices: We believe making art accessible for all includes making it financially accessible. Many of our shows will either be entirely name-your-price, or have designated name-your-price performances. In these cases, some payment (as low as $0.50) is generally required in order to reserve online, but no payments will be required at the door.

If are able to pay a little more, that enables others to experience the show who might not otherwise be able to! (If that's stressful, and you want a point of reference, most Denver theater tickets start around $20)

Sensory: Our work tends to be highly sensory – including movement, music, spoken text, visual design, and lights. We're not always able to provide sensory-friendly alternatives, captioning, ASL interpretation, or audio descriptions. However, this can change from show to show, and we're happy to work with you, or answer any questions we can.

This Website

GrapefruitLab.com strives to be Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) AA compliant. The WCAG is an open standard for determining accessibility. AA compliance is considered good support for a website geared towards a global audience.

That starts with using well-structured HTML, responsive and scalable designs, accessible color contrast, visible focus states, and descriptive text on visual media – but we know that web accessibility goes much deeper than these surface issues. We're a small team, and always open to learning and improving.

If you have any trouble accessing any part of this website, please contact us. We take accessibility-related issues very seriously, and will try to correct the issue as soon as we can.