Two birds drawn in blue and red on a photo of a swing. Strange Bird, Queer Bird - Grapefruit Lab

Rattlesnakes are low to the ground and full of surprises. Like hearts, their jaws never give up. But do you think rattlesnakes ever get to feel what it's like to fall?

Strange Bird, Queer Bird

A playful and intimate exploration of love, comfort, and home in a world on fire.

Text taken verbatim from letters, phone messages, journal entries, and poems between Julie Rada and Lars Reid are combined with original dance (Kate Speer, Allison Blakeney) and live music (Teacup Gorilla) to create a poetic reflection on blossoming love in a time of isolation.

This show is collaboration with many Colorado artists. Set and costumes are designed and constructed by Annabel Reader and Dan Huling of the Colorado Shoe School, and the show is co-produced by Buntport Theater.

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