Miriam reaching dramatically across herself, a ladder in the background

What does it mean to be a person – to have a body, and live in it – to make choices, and change over time – to tell the truth?

Pity+Fear is an intimate and darkly-comic one-woman tragedy, featuring two women and a guitar. Join Miriam & Josie as they grapple with queer identity, platonic realism, an audience, a chair, a mop bucket, the conflicting myths of Agraulos, and what to order for dinner.

Written by Miriam Suzanne (see our source material if you're interested), with original music & lyrics by Josselyn Cool (Better Selfs, Teacup Gorilla, Jane/Eyre). Directed by Julie Rada, in collaboration with Kenny Storms, Ben Raginmar, and Erin Rollman.

Thanks to Buntport Theater for generously providing the venue.

Production Photos