Julie sweeping in front of a table, Meghan and Buba have their backs turned

A family struggles to find humanity and normalcy in a world made uncertain and strange after the transformation and “othering” of one of their own. This physical theatre piece imagines what happens on the other side of the iconic room in Kafka’s Metamorphosis.


A 15-minute original performance…

Produced by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

About Bite-Size

Bite-Size brings you five short plays with bookish twists performed environmentally in and around BookBar, an independent bookstore and wine bar. Bite-Size is the next out-of-the-box adventure from the Denver Center’s Off-Center, designed to sweep you off your seat to connect with art and fellow audience members on a new level. It’s a 360-degree experience where you will journey through a variety of spaces in and around BookBar, encountering each new play in a super intimate group of just 10 audience members! The evening is directed by Meridith C. Grundei.

Bite-Size was listed in the Westword as 2018’s best immersive offering in Denver.